#1 – Start Here – Important Info

June 09, 2014:  I’m starting this article site, trying to get everything set up to start adding articles. You will soon be able to find articles about almost anything in this site. Please excuse any typos that appear in the pages/articles. I do try to proof-read and type properly but sometimes I do make mistakes.

disclaimer page set up because I am not an expert by any means and I do not need anyone saying that I am liable for anything that might come up because of something they read on my site. That being said, I am not a doctor or in any health care type job and any diet or medical info in this site is not “the law” or the only truth about whatever it is. The information should be used as a guide only, the same can be said for any financial or legal information here in the site. I am not an accountant or lawyer either.

Update 2018: I have comments turned off on this “blog” thing but some people can’t seem to figure that out and keep posting things that I have to go in and delete. I bet that some of them are using an auto post program and spamming as many blogs as they can because most of what I saw were links to things that had nothing to do with the content of my posts. Anyway, I’m not turning comments on because I do not want those things on my pages and I do not have time to read each one and figure out if it is spam or what.
Also, if you do not like my colors, font, layout, etc. please go find a blog or article site that you do like. Do not send me email or any message of any kind telling me how I’m doing things wrong or trying to give me advice. I don’t want to change what I’m doing for others, I’m doing what I like for me.

Check the tagline at the top of every page that says

Free Info … and worth every penny

and then remember, you get what you pay for.

Please check out Heart Failure Saved My Life page if you haven’t read that already.

Started Thrifty Living section

Moved Budget example to it’s own page